The diary of a young girl

 Titles can be quite misleading at times. (But I was told to write something ‘attractive’).No, this is not the story of Anne Frank as the title might suggest. Rather this is the story of an ordinary teenage girl, yet to discover herself in this world of ‘somebody and nobody’.

This girl initially a geek and a teacher’s pet was an active being,until laziness got the better of her. Yet she tried fighting, won at times even and  at other times, she would just succumb to it. She kept herself aloof from her friend’s circle and slowly she could see her friends abandon her, one after another, except a few who still managed to bear her tantrums and get along with her mood swings. Of late, she realised laziness wasn’t the only factor affecting her. She was slowly and stealthily falling prey to this evil named depression. Her confidence reached to depths so low, and her ego shattered, she desperately searched for the ways of revival. She continues her search hoping someday in this search, she might discover herself.